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As one of the leading local businesses in the Kilsyth area, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

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Integrity Cabinets’ vision is to be a successful and highly regarded cabinet making company operating throughout Australia. We will pride ourselves on our outstanding quality workmanship while adhering to tight timelines and cost boundaries. Focussed on strong customer service, we will value our customers like our extended family. Integrity Cabinets comprises of a team of individuals working together to bring to the company their unique and talented skill sets.


Integrity Cabinets is a business dedicated to demonstrating the possibilities for being profitable whilst maintaining responsible & safe work practices. We use our time & energies wisely & within our 10 points of culture. Our services are of the highest level of quality, giving complete satisfaction to our customers in the pursuit of being the leader & first choice within the cabinet making industry. Our team members have excellent knowledge of products & skills. We work in cooperation with customers, suppliers, team members & competitors. We look continually for better work practices & efficiencies & expect all team members to do the same. We strive to have accountable & responsible team members that take ownership of our vision.


We are dedicated to the success of Integrity Cabinets. We are committed to deliver the best job possible to every customer. We are consistent in our actions so that our customers & team members feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times.

As an individual we are truly responsible for our actions & outcomes. We own everything that takes place in our life both at work & at leisure.

We always speak truthfully to those around us – customers & work colleagues. Any agreements or promises that we make, we keep. Whatever we promise we deliver.

Customers know we are no ordinary tradespeople. We always strive to excel & do better. We always deliver products of exception quality.

This is the key to our success. Communication to colleagues & customers is vital at all times. We always speak positively about others, and never use profanity during working hours in the factory or onsite.

Keeping up to date with new skills and technology is the key to our success. All team members learn from each other. We take every opportunity for this to be achieved.

Team Work
We focus on co-operation & resolution. We ask for help when needed & are compassionate to others when asked. We are flexible in our activities, demonstrating the ability to change, if what we are doing is not working.

An encouraging attitude is expected at all times. A positive attitude is very contagious. It only takes one person to be negative, resulting in filtering throughout the whole workplace very quickly.

Life is to be enjoyed & our workplace atmosphere is full of fun & happiness.

We pride ourselves on having a balanced approach to life. Our home & personal life is as important as our financial & working life.




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