The role of the kitchen has changed dramatically in the last twenty years. It has evolved into the most important room of the house – a multi functional space that has become the centre of family life. The kitchen is the central hub of the home, where the family meet, eat and communicate. It’s where you share coffee with friends, where the kids do their homework, where meals are made and of course, all the best parties end in the kitchen.

More than any other part of the house, the kitchen requires well considered design. The benefits that can be gained from a carefully planned and beautifully custom made kitchen cannot be over emphasized. A kitchen that is designed to work in harmony with the home and the family that live in it can be life enhancing. Great design, quality materials and the highest standards of craftsmanship can combine to create an environment with integrity that will lift your spirits. At Integrity Cabinets a custom-made kitchen creates an area that is functional to use and beautiful to look at. We will work with you from concept, to design, to construct and install your custom kitchen to make sure you get exactly the kitchen you and your home deserves.

Integrity Cabinets will coordinate all trades to make the whole process as simple and easy and with as little disruption to your lifestyle.

We are located at Kilsyth in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs but we can come to your workplace and/or home.

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